1) Audit and Assurance Services

We deliver audit and assurance services to help organisations in promoting investor confidence, managing regulatory responsibilities and supporting long-term, sustainable economic growth.

Our Assurance Services Includes:-

✓ Statutory Cost Audits

✓ Audits under GST

✓ Internal Audits of Different Entities across diverse sectors

✓ Various Certifications as required under Income Tax, GST, FEMA, Banking Regulation Act

2) Taxation

The changes in the tax and regulatory environment constantly challenge businesses. Our tax professionals offer services across all tax disciplines to help companies thrive in this era of rapid changes.

Our Services in this sector covers the specialities noted below:-

✓ Taxation Advisory Services

✓ Direct Tax Services including Compliances

✓ Indirect Taxes including GST Advisory and Compliances

✓ Preparation and Filings of TDS Returns

3) Transaction Advisory

There are Various Factors which comes into play when an organisation deals in Complex Transactions. This could be Acquiring another Business, investing capital, restructuring, Winding up. We provide Professional advice in respect of these areas.

4) Specialised Services

In Addition to these our firm provides certain exclusive specialised services which are as follows:-

✓ Stock and Receivable Audits of All Major Nationalised and Private Sector Banks

✓ Exclusive Due Diligence / Vetting Service of Major Nationalised Banks

✓ Virtual CFO Services

✓ Incorporation of Partnership,Ltd Companies etc including application for PAN,TAN GST Registrations,IE Code etc.